Begin your energy healing journey by learning to channel Reiki energy for people, places and things, make new friends in a supportive, healing container, and learn to use Reiki in every day life for optimal health, growth, and abundance.

Live Trainings in Asheville, NC
Saturdays 9am - 6pm

7 NCBTMB CE Credits 
available for Massage Therapists

Begin your energy healing journey by learning to channel Reiki energy for people, places and things, make new friends in a supportive, healing container, and learn to use Reiki in every day life for optimal health, growth, and abundance.

Live Trainings in Asheville, NC
Saturdays 9am - 6pm

7 NCBTMB CE Credits For Licensed Massage Therapists

2022 Dates

June: 11th & 25th - Now Filling!

July: 16th - Now Filling

6th & 27th


October: 8th, 22nd & 29th


2022 Dates

June: 11th - Now Filling!
June : 25th - Now Filling!

July: 16th - Now Filling!

August: 27th


October: 8th
October: 22nd
October: 29th


Please Note:
This is a ONE DAY course!
After attending, you will receive your Usui Reiki 1 Certificate.
Usui Reiki Classes are so much more than a training; it is an initiation of greater perception and ability to work with energy for the benefit of all.

My wish is to give you a tangible experience of working with Reiki Energy so you can confidently utilize Reiki for yourself and others in every day life!

Reiki Lineage

Learn the History and Origin Story of Mikao Usui and receive your attunement from his direct lineage.

Energetic Anatomy

Explore the 7 main Chakras aligning our energy body and understand how each one functions.


During this ceremonial process, you will be given symbols that will be embedded in your auric field, allowing you to channel Reiki energy.


During this course, you will be watching a demonstration, as well as practicing Reiki on one another.

About Usui Reiki Level 1

7 Continuing Education Units Approved NCBTMB Provider

Energy is all around us.
It can be used to charge currents of electricity to charge a phone or heat a home.

It can also be used to Heal.
During Reiki I, you will learn how humans can channel Reiki energy into people, places and things for optimal health, growth, and abundance.

After receiving a Reiki I attunement, you will have the ability to channel this energy.

By the end of this course, students will:
Usui Reiki Level 1 Certification Class in Asheville, NC for 7 CEU Credits NCBTMB Approved
  • Understand the history of Reiki origins
  • ​Comprehend what Reiki energy is and how to best administer it
  • ​Learn the first symbol used in Reiki
  • ​Be introduced to the pendulum and how it can assist in energy awareness
  • ​Identify the Chakras and what each one represents
  • Explain the benefits & contraindications of Reiki
  • ​Know what to expect during and after a Reiki Session
  • ​Learn the proper preparation before receiving an Attunement
  • Receive an Attunement to Reiki, with a copy of the Attunement Lineage
  • ​Observe hand-placements for Reiki and observe a treatment protocol
  • Administer Reiki energy to a partner in a session
  • Receive a Certification with 7 Credits for LMBTs

Testimonials from 'Touch of Earth' Reiki Students

“I learned more than I ever expected in this course and it was a great way to connect with the other class
members because we were all learning together.
Tara 'earth' was very knowledgable and genuine with her energy”

~ Allison C (October 2020)

“This has been one of the most amazing, profound, warming experiences. I am so thankful I got to learn
from Tara. Her gentle, healing energy & thorough knowledge were exactly what I needed. Thank you!” 

~ Brittany C (June 2020)

“Overall an amazing experience. I feel like this is something can benefit everyone & really unite us.
Thank you so much!”

~ Amy M (August 2020)
“I would highly recommend this course to others.
I felt very intense and positive energy during attunement.
I also felt it was well structured and easy to understand.
I'm excited to practice on friends and
become more confident in the practice.”

~ Miranda L (August 2020)

“I went into the Reiki class with little working knowledge of how Powerful it is. I feel like I gained a great deal of knowledge & hands on practice during class instruction. I came away wanting to start performing Reiki right away & also take more classes and become a Reiki Master.” 

~ Sonya B (October 2020)

“Honestly the course was worth more than I paid for it. I have never felt something so powerful with such
a wonderful explanation. I look forward to continuing my studies and experiences. I would 10/10
recommend this to another. This experience was beautiful and meaningful.”

~ Caryn G (October 2020)

“I really enjoyed this course, Tara was an amazing instructor.
I was able to stay focused & she kept my full attention.
I was very interested in Reiki & wanted more knowledge. 
I cannot wait to keep practicing and incorporate Reiki with the massage field. I really felt like I learned a lot today.”

~ Alexis G (October 2020)

“Thank you for such a beautiful experience! It exceeded all expectations. I feel so blessed to be a student and member of this community you have cultivated. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.” 

~ Mary R (September 2021)

“Great course. Cant' wait to practice and apply.
Really enjoyed my time and looking forward to Reiki 2. :)
One of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you!”

~ Katie O (October 2020)

Tara 'earth' Murphy
NC LMBT #14659, 
NCBTMB Approved Provider
Luigi Crespo Photography 2018
With over a decade of experience, Tara is the Co-Founder and Lead Therapist of the
Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts.
She maintains her own practice under the name 'Touch of Earth' Healing Arts.

Having graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage on Valentines Day in 2008, her healing journey has taken her through many learning paths spanning many modalities of healing touch.

She has a strong passion for
Advanced Deep Tissue bodywork, Advanced Reiki,
CranioSacral Therapy (especially Intra-oral work,)
Light Language Activations, Thai Massage &
Energy-work of all kinds. 

She believes that attending to the energetic system is how we can prevent and manage physical illness, mental difficulties, and emotional stress.

Reiki has shown her how the power of a strong alignment with the Creator Source helps bring balance into this world through
Unconditional Love.
a message from earth... 💚


East Asheville, NC

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